26 February 2019

What is Sport Salt Therapy?

In our Salt Works, apart from pure Natural Spring Saline, we also produce a series of valuable salt products. Curative Salts, the basis of saline therapy, has been used to assist in dealing with the following conditions:

  • Rheumatic illnesses
  • Metabolic illnesses
  • Gynecological illnesses
  • Dermatological illnesses as auxiliary therapy
  • Vascular system illnesses
  • Respiratory system chronic illnesses

Sport Salt Therapy

By introducing a slight modification in the technological process, we managed to maintain the natural composition of native element minerals analogous to curative salts by adapting their content to help ease the post-fatigue regeneration. The saline bath is an external response therapy that acts comprehensively by thermal, mechanical (hydrostatic pressure), chemical and osmotic factors.
It exerts direct impact on the skin and mucous membrane, and indirectly affects the entire body. Adequate temperature and mineral composition of the bath cause the opening up of skin pores to facilitate the absorption. The “saline film” formed on the skin provides the skin with long-lasting osmotic and anti-septic effects. Saline baths have stronger warming effects than water baths, arousing biochemical processes during long after the bath. The skin conductivity, neuropains, irritation and agitation are decreased. In addition, Saline baths have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects.

By permeating through the epidermis with many ions, salt has fantastic effect on the entire motor system, resulting in excellent vascularity, nutrition and mineralization of tendons and muscle joints. It speeds up the regeneration processes, easing muscular and joint pains in strain. It facilitates stretching tired muscles and tendons, which is important preventative measure to prevent injuries. It also facilitates the adaptation to a more extensive training impacts.

The efficiency of saline baths increases if the therapy is not used incidentally, from time to time. Even more so as the organism has to adapt to saline baths in the same way as to other therapies. Only after a series of baths it can fully take advantage of their positive effects. Saline baths should be taken all year round, after intense or long training sessions… which is once or twice a week. They effectively support the regeneration processes, both in the case of high-performance training as well as in the case of active beginners. Many treat it as an additional element of a broader, healthier lifestyle

Saline Baths
The curative properties of saline baths have been known for ages. Since 1867, saline boiling to harvest saline water has been a viable curative application used all across Europe. The primary reason for our saline bath efficiency is the valuable salts with very high mineral content. Using these salts to recreate the natural proportions of the element to solution of one cup of salts to 25 gallons of water provides the exact formula to the natural salt brine solution found in the mines. This ratio of salt to water ensures the maximized therapeutic effect on the human body. The preparation of saline bath in lower concentrations than mentioned above is merely a superficial cosmetic treatment.

Where we source our salts

Lapczyca is a town situated between the two “Salt Towns” of Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland. As early as in the 12th century the brine was excavated in the region and the precious salt was processed in small fields primarily used for food preservation. Clay pans placed on furnaces were the prototypes of our contemporary technology. This process is used even today, ensuring the content of the entire range of natural bio elements in the final product are captured as they were many years ago.

After discovering the large deposits of rock salt in the nearby towns (Wieliczka and Bochnia), the evaporation of saline water ceased to be profitable and had been forgotten for several hundred years as the salt mines were the main source of salt harvesting.

In the 1960s, during geological drilling in Lapczyca, Miocene saline deposits were discovered. Miocene refers to the geological period of 23 million – 5 million year ago. The samples were of a unique concentration of 17% NaCl and unique composition of elements containing significant quantities of Ca, Mg, K, Mn, I, Br, Fe and other bio elements. The boreholes were made at the depth exceeding 1000 meters which enabled access to pure deposits of this valuable raw material.

From the early 1970’s. The salt works were operated by the Salt Mine, where the brine was pumped via underground pipelines. Since 1994 we have had our own salt works in Lapczyca. The salt works in Bochnia ceased their operation a long time ago, but we still source our valuable salt obtained in the process of traditional cauldron evaporation of mineral saline from Lapczyca

Production process
The salt crystallization process is carried out in open baths for a period of 12 hours. The process is optimized so as to obtain salt with the maximum content of active therapeutic elements. After removing from the baths, the salt is placed on a draining table and then mixed and prepared for packaging. Crystals of our salt are covered with crystalline lye, a high concentration saline containing the essential concentration of bio elements. Our salt appears to be wet or humid, but that is the composition that provides the best therapeutic value. There are not many traditional operations of cauldron evaporation of mineral saline in operation today. Most salts available today are cosmetic products, often based on domestic or imported edible salts or sea salt. Their main benefit is the purely salty taste. The comparison of commercialized salt with our salt is the same as the comparison of fresh squeezed fruit juice with a fruit drink… both are wet, but one has more health benefits.


Sport Salt with Collagen

Apart from the above-described comprehensive regenerative impact, as a result of adding natural collagen, aromatic oils and silk… it highly improves the condition of the skin. Due to its “softness” it is often applied as a delicate, mineral salt peeling. The regeneration series are complemented with cosmetic products, enriched with components improving our skin or comfort apart from the overall saline bath effects.

The above series are being constantly developed and new products are added to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of nature. They offer valuable support for the human body in the periods of reduced strain or increased infection risk, as well as in fatigue, to improve the general mental and physical fitness. The unchanged, natural-sourced saline enables preparing authentic saline baths, yielding the best results.