21 August 2019

Growth Brings Change for Puresòlspa


If there is one thing in life that is constant, it is change. People change, relationships change, our bodies and our minds change (no matter what we do to control it). The goal is always to grow in to the next better version of what is needed to bring happiness to our existence. These professional advice blogs that line our daily news feed remind us that businesses are no different. As businesses grow and expand, knowledge is learned that create new and exciting opportunities, not unlike the other changes we go through in all areas of life. 

After having built salt cave spas all over the world, Beata Huzarska Hatley, a native of Poland, opened an authentic salt cave within Tapatio Springs resort. Puresòlspa brought to Texas a unique, and unmatched, opportunity to indulge in the traditional health and wellness benefits of the salt mines in Europe in which Beata grew up.  

Upon the success of the Hill Country location, Puresòlspa was presented with the opportunity to expand its distinctive experience to the Brooks City Base area in San Antonio. The proven relief people have observed for allergies and other respiratory ailments attracted the Embassy Suites to offer this experience to their visitors. The salt cave spa, which included 30 tons of salt imported from a healing salt mine in Poland, was built within the large hotel. 

Being the exclusive builder of such a specific kind of spa, the Puresòlspa staff, under Beata’s supervision, helped grow this new “baby” extension of the Hill Country’s original Puresòlspa. With such an exclusive amenity, education was needed to show what, exactly, this salt cave could do. So with this in mind, and a lifetime of experience, Beata set out to help this “baby” spa take its first steps and offer the same health rewards as the Hill Country version.

Over a year of devotion went in to raising the “baby” Brooks location, and as with all creations that grow and change, it was time to let it run on its own. As hard as it is to walk away from a creation, the Puresòlspa team handed over all management to the Embassy Suites at Brooks in October of 2018. They are now operating completely independent of the Puresòlspa parent company. “We are focusing all our energy on the Puresòlspa in the Hill Country. We wish the Brooks salt cave the best as we all grow to the next level,” said Beata in a recent interview.

This was perfect timing for Beata and her team to focus on a new adventure on multiple fronts. Not only had the spa in Tapatio Springs begun to grow, but the popularity of the salt cave concept itself was pulling the team’s attention towards building more salt caves all over the United States.

“I really needed to focus on the great things happening out here in the Hill Country. This location is our flagship and very important to all of us,” she said. “Tapatio Springs and Puresòlspa have expanded and have progressed to the next level.” The resort itself experienced a devastating loss after the main clubhouse burnt to the ground last year. However, it is now being reopened with new amenities and a fresh perspective. “We have some really exciting surprises coming in the next few months!”

Using the resources from Poland, Salt Cave ProDesign, Beata’s company that builds the salt caves, has been experiencing growth of its own. “As knowledge spreads about what halotherapy offers to our health the more inquiries we are getting about building salt caves elsewhere, both privately and commercially. This gives us a huge opportunity to bring our expertise and artistry to a whole new level and we’re really excited,” Beata says smiling. 

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