26 August 2020

Interview with Owner, Beata Hatley

Beata Hatley never knew that her childhood spent in salt mine would come back in a way that would help not just her own health, but the health of so many others. Being raised in a Communist country, and having been sixteen years old when Chernobyl occurred that affected the country of Poland, she watched the world around her be affected by the quiet silence that is reminiscent of environmental toxins. “I have survived five different cancers, and as many of the people exposed to the Chernobyl radiation, continue to battle,” says Beata in regard to her continuing passion to educate people about finding ways to naturally detox your body from environmental pollutions.

Her father, a pioneer in the mining industry, noticed that the salt mining incurred none of the bad health effects found in coal mining. Being an environmentalist, he used his engineering experience to create an awareness of the benefits of salt exposure, especially in a closed environment like a cave. Beata carried on his beliefs and pursued a passion for helping people to find natural alternatives in this age of unnatural curatives. Fast forward to the flagship salt cave and spa, Puresólspa, found just a 20 minute drive from San Antonio and tucked into the hill country’s Tapatio Springs Resort. 

She combines her love of art and health in to every salt cave she builds. “My passion for creating not just a therapeutic space with an artistic aesthetic comes from my love of art and health,” Beata says while talking about her childhood dreams of becoming an artist. “In a Communist country, that was just not an option,” she laughs. 

Typical of any survivor, Beata laughs easily and has that determination that has brought her to the forefront of her industry. She has expanded from just salt caves and spas to also have an organically certified body care line. “There are so many aspects of this that I enjoy, I’m just grateful that I have had the opportunity to share it with others,” she says just as the phone rings again.

Describe your business philosophy in three words.

Health/wellness, happiness, strength


What inspired you to go into your field? 

As a cancer survivor I continuously struggle to find a solution for the disease. Not only for the body itself but mind as well. Salt creates alkaline environment , the place cancer can not grow. That’s why I brought a salt cave to Hill Country, as well as other places all over the world. It’s place where you can hide away, relax and yet charge your body with minerals, microelements and negative ions.  The place that cancer hates…..


Highlight some of your signature services 

Our spa offers a wide range of treatments, including specialized massages, body treatments and facials, Microdermabrasion, waxing procedures for women and men, as well as custom service treatments and various monthly specials. Our most unique service is our signature massage inside the salt cave, as well as all body treatments performed in modern vichy capsule, the only one in North America! 


Why is self-care important?

As we age, it is important that we nourish our skin. Many people start to panic and scramble for a “miracle in a bottle” product or surgical procedure that will fix the problem and fix it fast. In the ongoing fight against aging, expecting a quick fix in a bottle to make wrinkles magically disappear is like expecting one day at the gym to qualify as a realistic workout routine… We all know it does not work that way. I believe we need balance and discipline in this journey to aging gracefully. 


What is your favorite part of your work? 

We build salt caves all over the world and designing a unique environment that is the healthiest for the human body, as well as an artistic endeavor, is most rewarding. Just like the many other salt caves my other company, Salt Cave ProDesign, has built all over the world, visitors are greeted with twenty tons (on average) of pure, pink, mineral-rich salt in a closed environment that keeps all toxins out. The salt, and the all-natural method of enriching the air works in many ways to not just eliminate the charged ions that cause stress and headaches in this electricity saturated surroundings, but the ability of dry air to aid in respiratory, skin infections and general health. Besides that, it has an artistic quality that is just breathtaking. I enjoy the look of surprise every time a new person enters. 


Why should women come to you? 

This is a business created by a woman who understands women and the unique needs we have, especially when dealing with health issues. I have created a space where you can recharge, relax, rejuvenate, renew, repair and restore, and have fun too.


Written by Alexis Souza for San Antonio Woman Magazine October 2019.