26 August 2020

Puresòlspa Knows Weddings!

You are putting together an event that will be remembered for a lifetime, and that is a pretty stressful procedure, no matter how many tricks you can find to ease the process. It is important to look out for your wellbeing when you are this sort of pressure pushes on your nerves. Thankfully, the Texas Hill Country is full of spas and sources to help melt away those stressors.

A total, intense detox is a great way to bring your body and mind back to a centered balance after (and before) the stressors of putting together a wedding. There is one unique method that has recently become available just outside of Boerne at Puresòlspa located in Tapatio Springs Resort. Paired with their already well known salt cave, that acts like a powerful dry sauna, the spa now offers the only, state-of-the-art, Vichy bath to compliment with a soak.

This is the first and only Vichy spa in Texas! It allows for a variety of different soaks and exfoliations in a relaxing atmosphere meant to exclude all those stresses found outside its capsule. Picture a full jacuzzi tub with Swedish water jets and chromotherapy… but that’s barely scratching the surface. With all the knowledge about the healing properties of water, light and heat, users have access to treatments of hydrotherapy, as well as the opportunity to positively affect their emotional state by means of color, light, music and a variety of flavors. The spa is putting together herbal soaks that cater to your individual needs, as well as a beer soak or wine soak for something more fun.

As a quick run down, look at the options available:

Hydrofusion. An efficient and very mild effect of combined steam and infrared heat on the human body. The skin, muscles and joints are deeply warmed, activating blood circulation and the lipolysis process, eliminating toxins and waste products from the body. Hydrofusion function increases the effectiveness of body wraps – delicate steam film prevents cosmetic composition from drying, while the infrared heat promotes deeper penetration of nutrients into the skin.

Vichy shower/ hand shower. The curative Vichy shower normalizes the function of internal organs, eliminates of beauty defects, and provides complete relaxation or a surge of vitality. Depending on the treatment, you can adjust the temperature, pressure and direction of the water. Strong streams will rapidly and effectively massage the problem area, while gentle, soft drops will remove stress and help get rid of insomnia.

Full body wrap with the use of cosmetic masks. In the SPA-capsule, you can carry out treatments for figure correction, enriching the skin with vitamins and minerals, as well as partial wraps for treating or preventing diseases.

Vibromassage. Vibromassage can be either fast pulsating or mild and billowy. During the vibrating session, the whole body is simultaneously massaged, from neck to toes. The treatment has a positive impact on the neuro-muscular system and possesses a strong anti-stress effect. Vibromassage is also an effective mean of physical rehabilitation after injuries, improves posture and body shapes.

Underwater manual massage. Water massage fills the body with energy, restores skin’s elasticity and is effective for the prevention of many diseases.

Check out our Services page to see all the options from which to choose!

Written by Alexis Souza for Hill Country Weddings Magazine October 2019