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Born in Poland – Now in Boerne

Hello, my name is Beata Huzarska Hatley. Welcome to the Puresólspa website… Growing up in Poland, my family was very involved in the mining industry. My father designed and built coal mines for a living, and was a professor at AGH University of Mining and Metallurgy, one of the oldest and prestigious technical universities located in Krakow, Poland.

Of all the mines he was familiar with, his favorite was the Wieliczka Salt Mine which just so happened to be a short drive from our house. Many research studies have been conducted in the mining industry. Notably, many studies revealed that miners that worked in salt mines did not have the common health aliments that miners in coal mines experienced.

Health and wellness soon became my father’s passion, and I was introduced to my first ionizer machine, which produced negative ions into the air similar to the climates within the salt mines. I have over two decades of extensive experience within the spa /aesthetic industry including management, and owning and operating spas in Boca Raton, Florida.

My passion for learning drives me to always be sourcing the best knowledge and the newest technologies in anti-aging treatments within the industry for the improved health and wellness of my clients. I moved to the Hill Country in 2009 from South Florida, and learned that so many people suffer from allergens here in the air. Then my idea was born… to build an authentic salt cave bringing the traditional health and wellness benefits of the salt mines in Europe to aid in allergy and respiratory relief to people in the Hill Country and surrounding areas. Being a licensed Aesthetician for 20 years has driven my other passion of skin care. Many people do not realize how important their skin is. Our body would not last too long without the protection that our skin provides, yet people neglect this area when they think of maintaining a healthy body.


As we age, it is important that we nourish our skin. Many people start to panic and scramble for a “miracle in a bottle” product or surgical procedure that will fix the problem and fix it fast. In the ongoing fight against aging, expecting a quick fix in a bottle to make wrinkles magically disappear is like expecting one day at the gym to qualify as a realistic workout routine… We all know it does not work that way.

Imagine that you have been working out for years and there comes a time that you quit. What happens to your muscles? They become weak, and frail. Then one day, you come up with the decision that you need to return to the gym, and get back on track. Most people initially decide to consult with a personal trainer to get an expert opinion on how to achieve success.

Once you are back in shape, it only requires minimal maintenance to keep your body in great shape. Consider the same situation for your skin. I call my facial treatments “fitness programs for the skin”. It is the same process. I believe in discipline and balance to create a successful routine. It takes only a few minutes each day to make your skin happy and revitalized, once you get it back in shape. Those few minutes make all the difference in the world…

I developed the Puresólspa line of beauty products using only natural ingredients and each product is Eco-Certified with only organic ingredients, essential oils, and minerals. We are proud to say that our products are the result of a carefully thought out and consistently realized vision. We are all bombarded by incredible amounts of cosmetic innovations and wonderful preparations that tempt us with the promises on their packaging.

We realize that in order to be successful in today’s times, our products must not only gain the trust of our customers but they also must be worth of their attention. We strongly believe that we have something different and very special to offer. The goal of our products are to work in harmony with the skin and that is why we use the purest forms of gentle and natural ingredients. The wealth of high quality materials, unique fragrances and carefully refined consistency of our products build quality and harmonize the aesthetics and sensuality of this product line.

Our spa offers a wide range of treatments, including specialized massages, body treatments and facials, microdermabrasion, waxing procedures for women and men, as well as custom service treatments for teenagers and expecting mothers. We offer several organic skin care products in programs developed specifically on an individual basis. Consultations are welcome and always complimentary.

Our goal is to insure you receive the best advice regarding restoration and preservation of your skin, and all other spa services. We are here for people who want to have better and healthier choice for themselves and their families. We are proud of what we have managed to achieve so far and very grateful to all who were willing to trust us. Please enjoy the results of my passion and indulge yourself…. You deserve it!

Best Wishes,
Beata Huzarska Hatley

Puresólspa products embrace the tradition of naturally caring for the health and beauty of the body. Salt extracted from the salt mines, remain the pillar of our line. “Just as some utilize a trainer for wellness and fitness of their body, the same caliber of expertise should also be considered for wellness and fitness of the skin.” — Beata Huzarska Hatley

Axanta Ultimate B-Complex Multivitamin

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AXANTA contains astaxanthin, a special, natural carotenoid which is present in plants and animals, considered to be exceptional healthy nourishment. Astaxanthin is responsible for the red flesh colors found in salmon and most shellfish -- as well as many forms of seaweed and algae. Haematococcus pluvialis, from which it is extracted by a renowned Swedish producer.

Astaxanthin is a substance especially desired by dietary supplements consumers. Astaxanthin is particularly sought after ingredient in dietary supplements. astaxanthin have been composed only by world leading producers. AXANTA also contains standardized 95% piperine extract of black pepper which aids digestion, immunological system, respiratory tract functioning and cleansing of liver, whole surface of our skin as well as genitals and blood circulation. It assists in the proper functioning of the female reproductive system and revitalizes the nervous system. AXANTA also contains a complete set of B vitamins., recommended for people who may have a B vitamin deficiency.

This ingredient has been composed only by world leading producers and extracted is extracted by a renowned Swedish producer.

AXANTA also contains standardized 95% piperine extract of black pepper which:

  • aids digestion
  • immunological system
  • respiratory tract functioning
  • cleansing of liver
  • whole surface of our skin
  • genitals and blood circulation
  • ssists in the proper functioning of the female reproductive system
  • revitalizes the nervous system.

(FUN FACT: Astaxanthin is responsible for the red flesh colors found in salmon and most shellfish -- as well as many forms of seaweed and algae.)

• Astaxanthin - 8mg

• Black pepper fruit - 10mg, including piperine - 9,5mg

• Biotin (B7) - 100µg*

• Folic acid - 400µg*

• Pantothenic acid (B5) - 12mg*

• Niacin (B3) - 32mg*

• Vitamin B1 - 2.2mg*

• Vitamin B12 - 5µg*

• Vitamin B2 - 2.8mg*

• Vitamin B6 - 2,8mg*

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