Salt Cave

Our salt caves consists of about 20 tons of pink (high-mineral) salt, shipped from pollution free mines in Poland. By using such tremendous amounts of salt, a unique microclimate is achieved within the cave. The climate is rich in ions, minerals and micro-elementary particles like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many others which are present in the air.

Listen to the trickling of the fountain as the recirculated salt brine launches off the branches and in to the air to surround you with rich, clean air. You will notice the difference. These are molecules are naturally absorbed into body during the therapy by breathing the saturated air into the lungs and thus improving the intake and increasing supply of these important elements necessary for good health, performance and overall fitness for all ages. Safe for people of all ages and health levels.

Halotherapy Salt Cave Inhalation Sessions

One 30 min session
$30 (adults)
$25 (seniors 65+)
$25 (children 3–17)
$20 (children under 3)

One 45 min session
$35 (adults)
$30 (seniors 65+)
$30 (children 3–17)
$25 (children under 3)

Private group session
$175 per 45 min session (Max 6 person per session)

Salt Cave Monthly Membership

Salt Cave Platinum Membership $119 (unlimited 45-minute daily)

Salt Cave Gold Membership $99 (unlimited 30-minute daily)

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For more information about building a salt cave or room in your home or business, check out our other business, Salt Cave Pro Design!