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Atelomaska night mask from the ATELO Golden Line for the face and neck is a "sleeping cream" type cosmetic, i.e. mask and night cream combined into one innovative product. As a result, it can be used in two ways, depending on the needs of the skin: as a nourishing night cream or an intensely regenerating and rejuvenating mask.

Throughout the night, bioactive ingredients are gradually released from the oleosomal, biomimetic liquid crystal base, which stimulates the epidermis to regenerate effectively during sleep. This way of releasing carefu

lly selected active ingredients ensures a significant improvement in the condition of even very mature and demanding skin. For this reason, Atelomask overnight mask is especially recommended for the care of very tired, stressed skin, devoid of radiance and vitality, with the first signs of aging.
The unique ProBioBalance® probiotic complex restores the skin's normal microbiome, thus contributing to the reconstruction of its protective layer. At the same time, it maintains the homeostasis of the extracellular matrix and actively counteracts the degradation of collagen and elastin resulting from UV radiation.

Due to the high content of bioactive ingredients, Atelomask is also recommended for use in professional cosmetics, e.g. at the end of treatments.

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