Atelowater Makeup Remover

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This makeup remover by Colway is a universal cosmetic for the skin of the face, neck and neckline, combining the function of effective cleansing and make-up removal with gentle anti-age care, based on atelocollagen.

This skin-friendly, mild formula is based on a "green" emulsifier, while eliminating irritating washing substances. Soothing and calming ingredients, such as Mexican spikelet extract and allantoin, make the Cleansing Atelo-Fluid effective, and at the same time gently cleanses even sensitive skin prone to irritation. Moisturizing NMF complex ensures optimal skin hydration, restoring its feeling of comfort. The Atelo-liquid formula has also been enriched with B vitamins responsible for the regulation of the lipid layer.

This makeup remover, in addition to effective and gentle cleansing, leaves a subtle protective and moisturizing film on the skin. As a result, it provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation, without the feeling of tightness and tension of the skin.

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