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ColDeKa is a dietary supplement containing Cod Liver Oil, as well as Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids PUFA, EPA And DHA. Also included are Shiitake Mushrooms, recognized for centuries in the medicine of the Far East. Thanks to their pro-health properties, they are considered “A Potion Of Life.”

The Beta D Glukan and Polysaccharides, have a positive effect on blood circulation, cholesterol level, metabolism and contributes to the cleansing of the body. Vitamin A is known for its benefits for hair, skin, nails and eyesight. Vitamin D and K is crucial in promoting immunity, and prevention of blood vessel calcification, heart diseases and cardiovascular system, supports bone mineralization.

Vitamin A Cares For Hair, Skin, Nails And Eyesight; Vitamin D Promotes Bone Mineralization And Immunity;

Vitamin K Is Important In The Prevention Of Blood Vessel Calcification (Prevents From “Calcium Paradox”), Heart Diseases And Cardiovascular System, Supports Bone Mineralization.

• Cod liver oil - 500 mg, including:

• EPA - 40 mg,

• DHA - 45 mg,

• PUFA - 100 mg

• Vitamin A - 150 µg - 18.75%*

• Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) - 1.25 µg -25%*

• Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) - 48.75 µg - 975%*

• Vitamin K (menaquinone) - 75 µg - 100%*

• Shiitake mushroom extract - 20 mg

including: Polysaccharides - 4 mg

• Yeast extract Sacharomyces cerevisiae 20mg,

including Beta D-glucan - 5 mg

Cod Liver Oil may help:

lower inflammation all over the body

reduce pain associated with arthritis

reduce anxiety and depression

promote healthy fetal brain function and eyesight

maintain bone density

lower risks type 1 diabetes when used in pregnancy and in newborns

support a healthy immune system

prevent upper respiratory illness

lower triglycerides in blood

lower blood pressure

slightly increase HDL, the “good cholesterol”

prevent plaque build-up in arteries

Capacity: 60 capsules (recommend 1 capsule/day)

1 capsule contains:

50 µg of vitamin D, which is 1000% RWS * 75 µg of vitamin K, which is 100% RWS * *% NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

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