Eye Tensioning Set

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TENSER delivers "express firming" under the area of the eyes when applied for 12 minutes or more -- eliminating bags and providing relief and rejuvenation for up to 10 hours. It is based on the peptide complex and the biocompatible polymer mesh: Natural Molecule Tension Complex (NMT) by the outstanding Polish molecular biologist - Dr. Błażej Dolniak. This is a cosmetic for occasional use strictly according to instructions. REVITALIZER is a remedy for tensed, over-worked and unnatural eye strain by TENSER. The spectrum of corrective actions of the Synergy GF complex - the main asset of REVITALIZER to the eye area is impressive. It clearly rejuvenates the skin in this area and rebuilds micromuscules. Reduces dark circles and bruising. Gently tones and smooths the skin under the eyes. It delivers permanent results.

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