Spring Renewal Bath Box

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Our natural and handmade salts were inspired by the relaxing ritual of bathing to renew your body and mind. Himalayan pink salt and tension-relieving Epsom salt infuse bath water with rich vitamins and minerals. Each of our four aromatherapeutic and botanical blends helps to calm the senses and leave you feeling revitalized.

ENLIGHT - Chamomile + Lavender

Often, Native Americans would greet the morning light with tobacco to honor the blossoming of a new day. We take this essence and combine it with lavender and chamomile to spark a renewal of enlightenment.

ENCHANT - Rose + Sage

Think of the delicate smoke of brightly burning sage dancing across the soft glow of a sunset. The Western Direction invites you to experience the strength found in the shadows. Rose hips, sage and nettle combine to take you to an introspective place and dares to Enchant you.

ENCOURAGE - Lemon + Sweetgrass

Picture sweetgrass blowing on a crisp winter night. Representing the quiet time of year that brings deep thoughts in warm blankets and the feeling of letting go all the weight of the world. A healing mixture of mint, rosemary, sweetgrass and lemon encourages a crisp environment to enjoy these quiet moments.

INSIGHT - Turmeric + Neroli

Represented by the color white in the Native Medicine Wheel, this Southern Direction receives the most light and brings about the flowering growth of emotions. Flowing like water, this essence picks up the tang of cedar accented with dandelion, fennel and yarrow, and blends them into a swirl that is meant to awaken your insight.

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