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Can you invest $5 a day in your health?

We've paired a premium detox together for a three month regiment to start out 2021 right!

30 day supply of Colway's Proprietary Detocol and Lunacol

(Reg. Retail $189)

DetoCol supports the cleansing of the body of parasites, fungi and bacteria. The treatment lasts 30 days and does not cause any inconvenience.
Ingredients in Detocol:
The prevention of health draws attention to cleansing the body from parasites, which interfere with the body, depriving it of nutrients, and at worst they cause serious illness. The benefits of cleansing the body of parasites, fungi, yeasts, bacteria and toxins excreted by them are very quickly felt.

These benefits include:

✿ improvement of well-being, stabilization of the nervous system,

✿ improvement of appetite and metabolism, also better functioning of the excretory system,

✿ improving the efficiency of healthy eating and supplementation,

✿ resolution of ailments such as: migraines, depression and irritability, rashes, itching of the skin and anus, persistent cough, abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhea; unpleasant smell of the body and mouth, excessive sweating, hair loss, inflammation of the nails, frequent urination, juvenile acne, psoriasis, menstrual cycle disorders, hay fever, allergies, difficult breathing, gnashing of teeth, and above all susceptibility to recurrent genital tract inflammations and urinary tract, infections and colds.


To say LunaCol is immune boosting is an understatement!
Ingredients of the LunaCol:

Lunasin. It is a peptide of vegetable origin. It is the first and only known epigenetic food – it means it can influence the increase of gene activity and their qualitative progression. Studies confirm the anticancer properties of lunasin. The preparation contains exclusively lunasin isolated from organic varieties of soya not genetically modified. Lunasin is not responsible for allergic reactions caused by soy products. It also has no effect on the hormonal balance, as it is not associated with phytoestrogens in any way.

Lysozyme (muramidase). It is part of the innate immune system and one of the underlying resistance substances. Its very high concentration, for example, contains breast milk, which protects the newborn child from all germs, before it produces its immune system. Lysozyme is also the most important component of the first food of mammals, the maternal gift of immunity - colostrum. The preparation uses a lysozyme dimer, which safely settles the digestive system, while showing a high efficiency in the activity against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Beta - glucans. They are the most important component of dietary fiber. Beta - glucans strengthen the body's first line of defense, the macrophages. They increase the activity of immune cells, increasing their ability to fight intruders. They also affect the rate of blood production in the bone marrow. In addition, they regulate the absorption of glucose, so that after a meal there is no large whale sugar in the blood.

30 day supply of Colway's Axanta and Lunacol

(Reg. Retail $192)

To continue the building of our health, we now take the cleansed state and introduce Axanta. The main component of Axanta is Astaxanthin - a naturally-occurring red pigment of algae. Getting to the food chain, is responsible for the color of shrimp, shells of shellfish, as well as salmon. Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in the nature. It has many proven beneficial effects on the human body.

How does Astaxanthin work?

► protects the skin from the inside by combating free radicals, as well as by strong protection against ultraviolet radiation. Clinical studies on human indicate that consumption of 6 mg Astaxanthin daily for at least 6 to 8 weeks reduces the size of wrinkles and age spots while increasing the moisture, elasticity and improving the appearance of skin in women and men,

► supports the immune system in the fight against cancer and autoimmune diseases,

► reduces glucose level, increases insulin sensitivity and adjusts the action of the pancreas,

► lowers blood pressure, regulates the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle,

► protects neurons and prevents damage of the brain, acts as an auxiliary in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease,

► improves blood circulation of the eye and is recommended for people suffering from retinal ischemia.

30 day supply of Colway's Premium Collagen Colvita and Lunacol

(Reg. Retail $285)

To really put the "bow on the box" we end the detox with the introduction of collagen!
Colvita is a collagen in capsules, enriched with sea algae extract and vitamin E. Beauty care is not only about using cosmetics, it is also providing the body with appropriate substances.

The key ingredient in Colvita is lyophilized collagen obtained from the Salmonidae family of fish. Each Colvita capsule contains 0.12 g of powdered proteins including all the amino acids of a collagen molecule. This means it includes hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, which are endogenous amino acids that cannot be obtained from dietary sources. They are specific to collagen and formed exclusively in the metabolic process of the vertebrates.

Colvita also contains the bioactive form of Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol) obtained by cold oil extraction from non GM crops. Esters of tocopherol from cold extraction are 100% bioactive. It is also resistant to any impact of oxygen, UV rays and other harmful factors. Vitamin E is renowned as the ‘’elixir of youth”. It boosts vivacity, vitality, energy and zest for life. It stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances skin appearance and helps to prevent infertility. Its antioxidant properties are crucial to cell membranes and red cells. One molecule of Vitamin E protects over 200 unsaturated fatty acids molecules against free radicals. It works synergically with vitamin C, carotenoids, selenium, chrome and zinc.

The third ingredient of Colvita is powdered Algae (Fucus vesiculosus). These Bladderwrack are a phenomenon of nature, a bridge between biocoenosis and biotope. They have the ability to gather practically all microelements and minerals from sea water including precious trace elements; all assimilated by the plant and thereby in its optimal bioavailable form. Fucus vesiculosus, especially those harvested in the north Atlantic (where they enjoy the optimal temperature) are a rare treasury filled with invaluable nutrients. Importantly, in place of traditional drying methods we use a cell burst technology which preserves almost all of the plant’s active compounds. The powdered algae is a nutritious bomb rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc and iodine (organic and inorganic). It also contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as carbohydrates, fibre, polysaccharides and essential amino acids. Polyphenols, carotene, polysaccharides: alginic acid, fucoidan, laminarin, mannitol and also bioflavonoids including the most important flavon-3-d (OPC). The powdered and micronized algae, with the removal of sodium chloride provide a highly balanced complex of vitamin, macro and microelements and many other precious nutrients. Algae are easily digestible and absorbable due to their mineral composition, which resembles the composition of body fluids.

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