02 February 2021

What is Colway? The Science Behind Beauty & Wellness

With the new found desire for creating a youthful glow and boosting immunity, and many are discovering a plethora of new supplements and treatments on the market. Finally discovering what we have known all along: that collagen can produce amazing results – if you choose wisely! With all the new products on the market, including foods and drinks with collagen, how do you know who to trust?

With a lot of research done over the years, we have found the results and reviews of a specific brand out of Poland that is clearly at the top of the list. Poland was the first to find a collagen molecule in modern day that could keep its integrity after being extracted. Considered a breakthrough in European biotechnology, Colway utilizes this freeze-dried, pure fish tropocollagen, algae extract and Vitamin E to slow the aging process in its Colvita supplements. In fact, it’s the only supplement that the Sports University in Cologne, Germany recommends to its athletes.

Poland has held the position of being a leader and innovator in the science of protein biochemestry in the 20th century. In the 1980’s, scientists Mieczysław Skrodzki, Henryk Kujawa, and Antoni Michniewicz were given the task to create an adhesive from collagen that could be created from fish.
As with many great breakthroughs, they discovered a stable triple helix of collagen unexpectedly during the process. This was the first collagen molecule discovered in modern day that could keep its formation after being extracted. Even years after it is extracted from the fish, this living collagen remains the same.
Being that the original protein research was directed in whole different field, the discovery was overlooked by the general scientific community and formal documentation never reached science journals. The type of collagen molecules known at the time were considered to be non-transdermal, meaning that it can be absorbed by the skin. While most collagen products may moisturize and have the essential functions of a cosmetic, the collagen molecules inside are simply too big to be able to be absorbed by the skin.
What we know now is that the difference between the type of collagen molecules they discovered from the fish, as opposed to the other collagen molecules, was that theirs was transdermal – and this alone changes the game! These collagen molecules can penetrate the skin and add beauty and youthfulness like never before.
Colway continues today with cutting edge research team. Today, a galaxy of scientific stars and innovators/visionaries cooperate with Colway. The class of Colway products and consulted by people who are of extraordinary class themselves. Among them are:
  • Henryk Kujawa, one of the three scientists who discovered the method of stabilizing collagen.
  • Professor Andzrej Frydrychowski, who obtained biologically active collagen directly from fish skin.
  • Dr. Błazej Dolniak, who has discovered the first European Fibroblast growth factor.
  • Dr. Marek Jedryczka, who collaborates with stem cell research teams, and many more.
  • Dr. Filip Porzucek, who discovered a proprietary method of obtaining Lunasin for Colway, and many more. Lunasin is a sensational peptide that not only inhibits the development of cancer, but has a chance to change the world of biology, genetics, and medicine.

Since 2004, Colway has been continuously working on a natural collagen brand, finally giving consumers a cosmetic with the shortest ingredient composition in the world. In 2017 and 2018, Colway set new trends in the field of anti-age cosmetology and wellness. In addition to their well-known scientific discoveries in collagen, they offer a superior line of supplements using the best raw material extracts available on market, and many are very difficult to source so you won’t find them anywhere else.

As we have all learned in science, it is important to treat not just the inside of our bodies, but also the outside.

One of their many products, Atelocollagen – the most effective moisturizer stopping the processes leading to formation of wrinkles – combines three types of biologically active collagen (in the still molecular stage) with gold, liquid silk and a set of substances from a variety of anti-aging ingredients.

The latest world-innovating series of cosmetics from Colway is the development of their Blue Diamond line. The Blue Diamond Cream and the Blue Diamond Peeling matches the perfection of that unique gem – a beautiful, crystal clear blue diamond. Using luxurious elements such as diamond dust and triple helix collagen, Colway’s Blue Diamond line can slow down the aging process by influencing the epigenome and fibroblast proliferation, and stimulating the renewal of natural collagen in the skin.

With the owner of PuresòlSpa being from Poland and with a lifetime spent in cosmetology, we are in a unique position to offer this innovative line and give our clients diamond quality cosmetics that are backed by superior, long-standing science.